Cultura Tres: Czech Republic Tour 2011

A midnight pickup, way behind schedule like only Latinos can, brought us to the German highways. On our way to Czech. About 7 hours should bring us to our first stop: the city of Cheb. Alonso had a great time driving 160Km/h and being taken over by a lot of faster Germans! The biggest smile on his face ever!
With hardly any sleep we arrive in Cheb in the early morning. A nice quiet and small city. The weather was sweaty which made us slow down and go for a beer first before heading to the venue.
Arriving there it seemed the venue was closed, although our show was announced on posters. I walked around the building and found a small door that opened! yay! people! So the show was happening! Setting everything up and soundchecking happened slowly, but things were set! Time for a beer and for dinner!
The show went great and the set was quite awesome! People weren’t walking away, so I guess that’s a good sign!
After show, our gear and van stayed at the venue, safely behind a gate. Got ourselves some beers and rums and we headed to the promotors home to sleep.
Waking up with an hour to get ready to drive about four to our next stop! Ceske Budejovice. Old touring buddies Locomotive were gonna support us tonight, so that promised to be a great night! Soundcheck and shows went great, although this time the set wasn’t catching on. The crowd digged the songs though!
We decided to pack up and bring the van away quickly to get back to the club for some drinks! It got late and it became hilarious!
I found myself a Czech bike! I call him Mike, Mike the bike! Loco-Rob was already gone to sleep, so we had to be real quiet getting into the house. Unfortunately the dog didn’t get the memo, and woke the whole house up!
Waking up, yet again in a hurry, cause South Americans love to sleep! Driving up to Trutnov took us a while. We made our breakfast stop, our gasoline stop and our peeing breaks! Eventually we got just in time to the festival to catch Locomotive’s set.
Our own set started at 20:15h, so we decided to head to the hotel to drop our personal gear off. Back at the festival they didnt want to let me us in with our van, cause the needed to search it, and I did not allow to. I had all my valid parking stickers and festival-braclets so no reason to be denied!
We got in anyway and started to set our gear up backstage. There wasn’t really a loading dock or a stagelevel preparation area, so it didn’t really matter. Luckily there were enough stagehands, a hell of a stagemanager and our own crew was making things happen!
Showtime around sundown is always amazing, and this time the set was superb again! The crowd was amazing and the vibe was really awesome!
We stayed on the fest till late, with enough Czech beers to keep us warm and got to the hotel after some great shows of great artists!
Driving home from Trutnov took us about 4 hours though the Czech and Polish mountains. Of course we had a killer breakfast in Czech! In Dresden we changed drivers, Alonso took my place for the highways in Germany. After a bunch of hours I took over the drive again till we got into Ede. Home first this time around!