Symphony X “Iconoclast” European Tour 2011

27-09-2011 Day 1 Essen / Monchengladbach
I met up with the band in Essen at the backline rental company Captured Live. We checked the backline and loaded it into our trailer. It turned out we had to be experienced puzzlers to make it fit. Luckily we had our Tetris experience and soon we headed to Mönchengladbach to pick up our merchandise.
Had some pizza and beers and we spent the night there.
28-09-2011 Day 2 Hamburg
This was my first gig working for SX so I had to figure out what the setups were and what the players would be like. Except for the stage being supersmall and annoyingly shaped it turned out to be a nice gig.
29-09-2011 Day 3 Bochum
A much nicer stage for us to work with today! Zeche is always a great place to hang out! The beergarden is nice and the catering is fantastic! I met up with Svend to talk work and it was nice to finally put a face to the name. After show we spent some time in the beergarden. It was still so nice out. I don’t get it! It’s October!
Floor surprised us with a visit. Good to see she is doing a little better!
30-09-2011 Day 4 Zoetermeer
Setup was easy for me. For the first time I set up the full 2 stacks. Somehow the bassrig never fits. The songs start making sense to me now. I start diggin the tunes. Some killer riff fly by so now and then! The Local crew was weird, I kept playing “American” to be a spy in their camp haha. Some comments they made weren’t the nicest. You should seen their faces when I said goodbye and thanks in Dutch hahaha!
01-10-2011 Day 5 Baarlo
Loading gear in at 8:00 in the morning sucks! I thought If I wated to get up that early I would have got a normal job! But hey, I’m here and I gotta do it.
It’s a festival and the first band starts at 12:00 so we got four hours to setup and soundcheck.
A walk though town made the day a bit nicer and shorter.
After show I spent some time with Natalia and Arjan. Was good to see familiar faces!
02-10-2011 Day 6 Berlin
C-club has a deep stage but it is most definatly not wide! That made it hard to setup stage. My world was the best till now I guess. It was also my best show till now. I only had to run up stage once to put a pedal back in place.
03-10-2011 Day 7 Berlin
We started our offday with a nice lunch at an Italian Restaurant,. I had some very tasty Spaghetti Carbonara and a delicious beer!
With our bellies filled we headed to the Berlin Wall. I already been there, but the art on there is awesome, so it’s never dull to look again! With some S and U Bahns we got to the Brandenburg Tor, Reichstag and the Holocaust Memorial. Tired of walking around I went back to the bus. We had great dinner with Tommy Noack at Steakhouse! For only 25 Euro’s I had an entrecote, a kangaroo steak, beer, fries, wedges and bratkartofflen!
Pretty sick ey?
04-10-2011 Day 8 Aschaffenburg
The bus couldn’t reach the venue due roadworks. But we managed to fit the trailer onto a van. Load-in was easy, set up was quick and soundcheck went smooth. It all starts to be routine by now. Everybody knows what to do and that helps a lot!
05-10-2011 Day 9 Munich
It’s been so many times now to be at Backstage in Munich, that it’s always fun to get there! Things move around there a lot, and every time I get there something has changed. Never the main buildings though!
We played “Halle” which is the small room. But, it is still big enough to setup a decent backline. They finally seemed to fix the internet there and also catering gets better!
Audrey was coming out to see me though! So I couldn’t eat to much, cause we’d going to an Italian place!
06-10-2011 Day 10 Munich
Had another offday in Munich, I went to the Hunting and Fishing museum after eating a snitzel first. Walked around for the rest of the afternoon till it was time to get dinner. We met up at Hofbrauhaus and had 1L beers and Bockwurst great fun!
07-10-2011 Day 11 Milano
I enjoyed being in the Live Club. Great venue, with more than enough space for our full setup! So I need to bring all my gear out!
4 guitarcabs and 2 basscabs plus all the head and whatnot. But it was a great show! Great catering too!
08-10-2011 Day 12 Rimini
I hope on a nice day in Rimini or around the beach. But it turned out to be a middle of fucking nowhere venue. Which kinda sucked. Although the stagehands were awesome and there was more than enough space on stage to get going.
Dinner was good though! Nice pasta and sausages! And awesome pizza’s aftershow! Spent some time playing Trivia Pursuit in the bus. Which was fun!
09-10-2011 Day 13 Rome
Waking up at 8:30 to go and visit the Colliseum and Vatican didn’t work out the way I planned. I woke up, but the bus still had 2 hrs to drive for getting to Rome.
So I went back to bed for some zzz’s. Robin was supposed to wake me up, but failed on her two attempts. I guess I needed the sleep.
Straight to load in, setup and soundcheck then! Which were all right. Although, the stage was very small!
After dinner I found the runner to bring me, Russ and Hanny to the Coliseum. It was awesome! Such a historic building! The things that happened there!!
10-10-2011 Day 14 Cannes
The offday in Cannes was great, we had a hard time finding a hotel with busparking. But when we did, we were right on the beach!
After a shower I went out to the beach with some cold beers! Sitting on the rocks till sundown was really nice and relaxing!
At night I went out on adventure with Robin, found some stores and a great icecream place! Buscall was early cause we wanted to make it to Barca!
11-10-2011 Day 15 Barcelona
As soon as we found a parkingspot Robin and I went out to see some of the city. We got to the beach and ate a burger. Walked around a bit and got to the cable car. But being up in the tower at 75m, Robin pussed out. We ended up selling the tickets to strangers. We went back to the bus to wash up and get ready for dinner. I went to Mexicican Mariachi by myself. Needed some alone time and a nice long strawl in the dark.
After that I was ready for the parkinglot party. Basically us getting drunk next to the bus is what that is..
12-10-2011 Day 16 Barcelona
The show in Barcelona was pretty cool! Load in and setup was cake.
The supports had no space anymore though. Buy out dinner made me go back to my kebab place J
Monique came by for a quick visit, she is in Barcelona for an internship. Great to speak Dutch for a bit, even though PM’s LD is also Dutch.
13-10-2011 Day 17 Madrid
All the Spanish dates are setup by the same promoters, which is great!
They know what we want and what we need. So things move along way quicker.
In the end it was a great show, setup went slow and it was tight. But we made it!
Had Mc Donalds for dinner. 1st one of the tour!
14-10-2011 Day 18 Almada
Had a very nice view over Lisbon during sundown. Went to a different spot then I was before. That is always nice! Seeing new things is cool! We were with a bunch and went to dinner straight after. The backstage sucked. But the showers were great!
15-10-2011 Day 19 Porto
So it seems to be a sightsee-tour after soundcheck I went into town with Russell and Rory, saw some great things. Even walked some of the backstreets. Had delicious indoor dinner and the show was great!
16-10-2011 Day 20 Santiago De Compostella
Again we had to crossload our gear into a small van. That meant they had to drive two times for our gear alone! Started setting up and testing the rigs.
After soundcheck I went for a walk in town. Very pretty! Very sightsee able!
17-10-2011 Day 21 Offday
Didn’t do a thing. I started breakfast with a Corona, Lunch with a beer and I;ve been rocking jack n cokes for the rest of the day. We had a tour dinner with The complete travel party. I won €20,- from the DGM guys playing a weird Italian game.
18-10-2011 Day 22 Bordeaux
The best breakfast of the tour! Probably best dinner too! But were not there yet! Sound check was ok, had some weird buzzes in Romeo’s system, opened it up and cleaned it out. It saved the day…
Did my laundry, with a big thanks to Robin for folding it! I restrung all the guitars too.
19-10-2011 Day 23 Show Lyon
It turned out to be a much nicer day than I expected! Catering was great! And so was the local crew. IT helps a lot when things like that are well arranged.
20-10-2011 Day 24 Show Pratteln
Z7 is probably the best and most awesome venue of this tour. I had Kötbullar breakfast with Hanneke, cause it is her last working day of the tour and we both love Swedish meatballs! The shows went great and Steiner had a nice surprise for us! He got on stage wearing nothing more than a thong and a SX Girly. Very sexy stuff for a pretty woman but not for a little overweight, hairy Viking!
After show we hung out on stage drinking beers and having fun!
21-10-2011 Day 25 Show Monthey
Today is the first day without the Pagan Minds. It’s a small venue, so it is actually nice to not have so many people running around! The crowd was great! Had a nice show! It all went easier than expected. Last time I was at Pont Rouge I had a lot of gear to setup in a small space. This time I was able do the half setup!
22-10-2011 Day 26 Offday Saarbrucken
Like agreed, Robin woke me up to go do some sightseeing. So I jumped up for an exciting day in Saarbrucken. We walked around for about three hours, saw the castle and some churches before ending up at the brewery. Of course I had to taste the local gold! Back at the bus I went for a shower and Chinese take out. It had been a while I ate Chinese food, so I hope it doesn’t surprise me tonight when we are driving to Belgium. I spent the night at the bus, listening to music and drinking some Jack n cokes. A great night!
23-10-2011 Day 27 Show Biebob
Isaac came to visit me! We went to an Italian place for dinner.
After show I puked it all out. Turned out Isaacs girlfriend also had trouble with keeping the food in. They went home halfway the show, It sucks!!
Rocky Oda of Ibanez was great for showing up with a new Tubescreamer. Romeo’s was dying slowly so it was time for a new one!
24-10-2011 Day 28 Offday London
Woke up at the O2 Parking lot. Headed into the city shortly after.
Had lunch at a restaurant near Tower Bridge. Crossed the river to The Tower Of London where we left Jay and Russ. We moved on towards Big Ben, Parlement and Westminster Abbey. Also saw the Palace. Had dinner at Nando’s, a nice Portuguese chicken restaurant. We found a bar close and Robin’s friend Michelle joined us! Later in the evening Russ and Jay joined us again. It was a nice day!
25-10-2011 Day 29 Show Manchester
Breakfast at Nando’s wasn’t a great plan but it was tasty. The venue was in an old school building and our room was at the top floor. Academy 3 was the smallest of the 3 halls. It sucked. The stage was way to small and I had to setup on Stage Left for the first time of the tour. Seb left the tour in Belgium, and Neil joined us for the 2 UK shows. The show was nice in the end. But everything around it sucked. We got kicked out pretty soon after show also!
26-10-2011 Day 30 Show London
Robin and I made a pact to wake up early to find the locations where Jack the Ripper killed his victims! So I woke up at 8:30 and we were about an hour away from the club. I got ready and we went out to our quest as soon as we arrived.
We got lost in Whitechapel but in the end we found one spot.
The venue was pretty awesome, but they have to many stairs! Way to many!
Had a fun day though! Knowing it was our last day with our rental gear I had to repack everything after show. So that took some time. But I managed to do so.
Rory and I gave the DGM guys a bottle of Jack, which they finished before the end of their show. We ended up having a parking lot party after show too.
All the booze and beer was gone after that! It was great hanging with those guys!
27-10-2011 Day 31 Offday Athens
We went to see Acropolis with a bunch. I’ve been to Athens before, but I never got to visit it. I was impressed. Still we were short on time because of all the waiting around. It was great to see it all and spend most of my day there.
Dinner was great too! I love Greek food! Had some beers in the hotel lobby while trying to get online. Some of the kids that stayed in the hotel recognized the band. It was funny, cause they were scared to approach them.
28-10-2011 Day 32 Show Athens
The show was great! The band rehearsed The Odyssey for their first show ever in Greece! It’s a 25-minute song! So they changed the set a bit!
All the gear was working great! And everything we need was there!
The drumtech was a nitwit though! He was not a great help during the show. Had a bunch of drinks at my balcony. I wasn’t feeling like going out. Even if the booze would be for free. I hate being hung over in airplanes. Heading home tomorrow!
29-10-2011 Day 33 Travel home
Alarm at 6:45. Lobby call at 7:15. Flight at 10:15
The rest fly later cause they fly to NY. I split with the group at the airport to fly to Amsterdam. Different gates an all. I fall asleep before even getting off the ground. The girl next to me woke me up cause she had to use the bathroom. Turned out we were only 20 minutes into the flight. I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the trip. Watched some Death Valley and Walking Dead. I arrived on time in Amsterdam enjoyed a Long chicken and took the train to Ede.