MaYaN “Quarterpast” Latin America Tour 2011

12-11-2011 Day 1 Travel to Bogota
At 6:00 in the morning Erwin came to pick me up.
We headed for Dusseldorf Airport for our flight to Frankfurt. Spending a short while there, we headed straight to Bogota. It is great to be back! We had a short while to get ready for dinner.
We went to the greatest place in Bogota. I was there before, so I was supersiked to order a great meal.
It was a long day! After dinner everybody went their own ways, most went to sleep, like me.
13-11-2011 Day 2 Show in Bogota
Apparently the complete police force got to the venue to protect us from the 3000 screaming fans today. It is an early show for us. To me that is great so we can have dinner after the show. The rental gear was great! As always when Carlos put up a show! The show was fun! The South American audience is always impressive! The intensity is great! After show we went to the Bogota Beer Company with Isaac, Isabella, Andres, Frank and Lyna. It was fun!
14-11-2011 Day 3 Travel to San Jose
We almost had to go to San Jose without my roomie and lightguy Erwin. The vaccins weren’t long enough in his body to be safe from yellow fever. Of course we waved some money around and soon enough we got the right stamps and we are ready to fly!
I bought myself a small bottle of rum. Gotta love rum!
After we landed it was quite a drive to the hotel, which was actually really cool!
Lots of great art was displayed in the rooms and hallways.
15-11-2011 Day 4 Show in San Jose
Arriving at the venue it showed us that we had been here before with Epica.
The whole building was re-styled and there was an actual cool stage in it now!
The setup went slow. But with the help backliner Manuel, who speaks dutch, things went well. In the meantime we had some McDonalds ordered in. Laurens decided to eat my BigMac. I was left behind with his Quarterpounder. Sad sad day.
The soundguys didn’t know what they were doing though! Which was very frustrating cause they also hardly speak English. During soundcheck I threw a mic on the ground cause it was making me deaf. The feedback was killing me!
The show was great! Although there were some technical problems earlier in the day, the show didn’t suffer from it!
16-11-2011 Day 5 Show in Guatemala City
Arriving at the venue after a flight from San Jose is tough. The stage is a mess!
The people hardly speak English again. So we decided to send most of the local staff home and do the work ourselves. Sometimes it’s better to do that, than have to explain what needs to be done.
Setup went slow. Patching went slow. We took our time for line check and soundcheck. By then I decided to do some monitor mixing. The local engineer wasn’t able to communicate with the band, so I stepped in. I had to do Double duties today. I did Guitar-teching and Monitor Engineering. Everything to make the show run smoother!
17-11-2011 Day 6 Offday
While a big part of the group went to see the Mayan temples, I stayed behind with a small group. Laurens and I went out for a bit. Found a mall that was pretty damn big! At night we went for a great parilla dinner. The way to the restaurant was about 25 five minutes. The way back was only five. Magical things happen here in Guatemala!
18-11-2011 Day 7 Offday / Travelday
Because there was a problem with the flights the group got spilt in half.
Half the group went to the airport around 7:00. My group is going at 17:00.
It’s kinda nice to work in small groups. I will be sleeping in Mexico City tonight.
We stayed at Camino Real airport. The staff we’re assholes cause they wouldn’t let us drink our own Rum. Not even when we bought cokes and beers at the bar. Bastards!
19-11-2011 Day 8 Heaven & Hell fest
The idea of a festival in Mexico is great. But due to all kinds of airline problems bands like Moonspell and Overkill couldn’t make it to the show.
We were second on the bill right after Lizzy Borden. All kinds of technical issues made our set shorter. Better a short set that sounds good than a shitty sounding show I’d say!
We had awesome dinner at Manolo’s!!
20-11-2011 Day 9 Mexico City show
Looking forward to play Circo Volador! Even though we played the lobby, it was still a decent stage. I love the crew guys there! They know what they are doing.
21-11-2011 Day 10 Offday Mexico
I went to the Mayan temples just outside of Mexico City with Rob, Mark and Frank. Because it was a National holiday there was hardly any traffic what made the trip very short. In about 45 minutes we arrived and the site was magnificent. We spent quite some time on top of the temples. Climbing the “sun “ pyramid was a serious deal. I lost count of all the steps…..
22-11-2011 Day 11 Chile show
Out of the plane straight to the club, that is all I remember. ohno! We had great lunch too! Everyone had pasta but I had serious steak again! Gotta enjoy it while you can! The hotel looked nicer than it actually was. The only place to charge our phones and laptops was in the bathroom.
23-11-2011 Day 12 Travel/Offday BA
At arrival I decided to give Nico a call. He was still working but we agreed to have dinner together before heading to the Roxy for the Jesus Martyr show.
I spent the afternoon in my hotelroom with some cold cokes and regular potato chips. The hotel was great! We stayed in Dazzler Tower in San Telmo.
After hanging out with Nico, Pollo, Seb and Carla I decided to find out what the rest was doing. It turned out they were having cocktails at the nextdoor hotelbar. I joined them for a bit. I don’t remember the rest…
24-11-2011 Day 13 Show in BA
After the show I made some fun with fans, we brought the gear back to the hotel and went to the bar next door again. By the time we got kicked out there we headed to a rockbar. It was kinda sketchy. I decided to go back to the hotel and walked to the main road. Isaac followed me cause he didn’t want me to go alone, but i waived him off. I knew my way around and I knew where to go. Something Laurens and Erwin didn’t know when they got into a cab in front of the bar.
Luckily for them they saw me walking when they past me. I got in with them and explained the driver where to go.
25-11-2011 Day 14 Travel to Sao Paulo
My first time in Brasil should be a blast right? The restaurant already made up for it. Delicious meat and drinks were served! I think I ate a whole cow! Coen joined us too! He flew in for an acoustic show with Epica on the 27th. So did Floor and her boyfriend. It was fun seeing them again!
26-11-2011 Day 15 show Sao Paulo
Finally a decent backline and a decent stage! Setup took very long though. It was superhot in the venue. My guitar world was in the hallway behind the stage. It sucked. But I wasn’t going to be on stage with those shitty single guitar stands. I hate those things. The show was great fun! The support band wasn’t so awesome. maybe if they had good sound and lights it would be better, but i doubt it. After show I went to the bar next door to buy some beer. There was a salsa band playing. They sounded good. I almost missed the bus ride back to the hotel.
27-11-2011 Day 16 Epica Show
A complete other venue than yesterday for the last show of the tour. Epica is going to play an acoustic set. Coen flew in for this show and brought Isaac’s awesome acoustic guitar. In about an hour some classics flew by. After show there was a meet and greet. Funny thing was that Iggor Cavalera was at the show with a bunch of his kids. The kids seemed to like it a lot! I’ve been listening to his music since I was 11, just like the rest of the guys I guess, so it was funny to see him at an Epica gig.
28-11-2011 Day 17 Travel Home
Had some whiskeys with Laurens at the world’s dullest airport.
I fell asleep till the first food cart drove by. Couldn’t sleep for the rest of the trip to Frankfurt. After watching some Walking Dead, Death Valley and Dexter my Maccie died. Boredom… I listened to exactly hundred tracks on my Ipod.
Then we arrived to Frankfurt where I had to wait a bunch for my connection.
Finally arrive to Dusseldorf. I was home around 17:00