Last summer I went out with Beth Hart for about a week. All parties were very pleased with how that week went, so I was happily surprised when I got requested to be part of this longer run through Europe.

25-10-2017 BETH HART De Spiegel Zwolle The Netherlands
26-10-2017 BETH HART Nijmegen Stevenskerk The Netherlands
28-10-2017 BETH HART Blues Festival Kaiserslautern Germany
30-10-2017 BETH HART Town Hall Leeds United Kingdom
01-11-2017 BETH HART Forum Bath United Kingdom
03-11-2017 BETH HART Cathedral Coventry United Kingdom
06-11-2017 BETH HART Forum Karlin Prague Czech Republic
08-11-2017 BETH HART Stadhalle Vienna Austria
10-11-2017 BETH HART Boogaloo Club Zagreb Croatia
11-11-2017 BETH HART Hala Sportova Belgrade Serbia
14-11-2017 BETH HART Teatro Del Verme Milano Italy
15-11-2017 BETH HART Volkshaus Zurich Switzerland
18-11-2017 BETH HART Old Hippodrome Tbilisi Georgia