Biohazard Summer 2013

Quite short before the tour started I heard rumours Bio was looking for a Tech, so I stepped in.
A few emails later I had the job. It was only a few days till the tour which wasn’t too long to start out with.
5 shows in 6 days and then I would be back home again. Easy said, Easy done!

First show was in Hamburg opening up for Suicidal Tendancies, I’ve been to Markthalle before and I know exactly what to expect as an opener. I got on the tour in Venlo, on the first showday. We had 6 more hours to drive until we arrive Hamburg. More than enough time to get to know the bunch and figure out what the setups would be.

The first show went great and was a blast! Bobby was superhappy that the show went by without any issues with his gear!
Good job done I’d say! Load out was through an elevator straight on the street. Packing gear, sorting things out for the next days.

The second day we also opened for ST. While waiting for them to finish setting up and soundcheck I went on the hunt for a board to make a pedalboard for Bobby, basically to make life easier for myself.
It turned out great and very simple. Success guaranteed! Another great show done!
I went into the city with Epica merch-girl Natalia to have a few drinks. It was very nice to spend some time with her again!

Up next was Arnhem! Pretty much a home town gig for me! A nice venue and a lot of friends of mine would come out to see the show! Hell, I was on the guestlist for this show before I got confirmed to work this tour.
Anyways, It was the first headliner, but on our way our bus died. Spend hours at the buscompany to have it fixed. In the end we arrive Arnhem and had a great show! After show we went to The Move, drinking till light out!
Very nice night!

After that we had a show in a punk club in Osnabruck, small stage, no clearance.. but a pretty intense show, the monitors weren’t up to the job, so it was hard to have a good stage sound.
We hung out in the city center in the afternoon. McDonalds!

Dour festival was last on this shortlist of shows. A great vibe at the fest, it was just waaaay too warm. So I stayed in the bus most of the day. The setup went pretty easy again and the show was pretty sick! Good Times.
We all had beers together after the show on the festival site, in a closed off area with nice tree tables and chairs.
This shortrun was a blast!