Within Temptation Summer 2013

Hi Y’all,
I haven’t really been writing lately and I thought I’d make it up to you. So here are a few of my experiences of my WT-summer of ’13.

13-06 Greenfield Fest Interlaken.
Waking up in a nightliner gives me a good feeling. Especially since it has been a long time that I did that.
I’ve been flying back and forth and from here to there, but I haven’t seen a sleeper bus in over six months. It helped me a lot that I didn’t drink alcohol. The Swiss weather sun is burning and it shows that it is going to be a very hot day.
After my shower and breakfast more and more bands are rolling in and a stream of familiar faces walk by. It’s Festival Season!

The festivals stagemanager didn’t seem to know what he was doing, so by the time he let us do our load in, there was no way for me to be working on a comfortable pace. I had to switch gears. Within Temptation doesn’t have a small production, and me working 3 guitarists and a bassplayer doesn’t give me any slack.

I set everything up so we are ready to roll on stage. All the gear for QOTSA and Rammstein are covering a lot of square meters already. The last song of A Day To Remember rings out and it’s time for action in the WT Camp!

We roll our gear up, a little bit of patching, placing pedalboard, turning amps on, taping, testing, line-checking, ready to go, ready for show!

14-06 Novarock
Last years Novarock performance got cancelled before we were even set up. A massive storm ruled the area, and shows were cancelled due to safety. This year’s performance came very close to a no-show.

Waking up around noon, assuming we would be close to the festival, turned out to be a dream. We weren;t anywhere near the festival site. Apparently the drivers had to make some d-tours because of floods in Germany. Calculating driving time and watching the clock was the main thing the rest of the ride. Eventually our TM booked two taxi vans to be able drive faster, since the bus has a 100KMh max.

10 minutes into changeover, we still had to setup everything, luckily our truckdrivers already loaded everything on stage.
Tourmanagement & Production decided, of course, to skip some production things like video, risers and extra lights. Not only to save time with setup, but also to have extra hands on the place that needed them. VidiJoost was my guy, and he did a great job helping me!
We had to scratch two songs of the setlist, but the show happened!

15-06 Indian Summer
So after all those hours in a bus, I believe we’ve only been walking around for an hour or two and a half.
We had dinner after the show and went straight back into the bus to make it back to The Netherlands, for the Indian Summer Festival.
Amongst other thing I spent quite some time conquering the world. We played “Risk”. A great game, if you ask me!
The long drives are really boring. I mean, I did the “Chicago to Seattle” a few times. At least there you have a view.
In Germany everything is boring. Time to rest, time to chill.

The show wasn’t really good, I had some issues with our rental amps and it became really cold, really quick. So all my guitars were out of tune all the time, which took more getting them back in tune.

28-06 Basinfire fest
The festival was sort of sketchy, we setup before all the other bands and therefor we had a relaxing day. taking care of all the gear and do my restringing routine.
Was a nice show after all.

29-06 Graspop
Best festival in the world. It is always a great get together of people I know. Catering is great too!
We performed the mainstage and all was so easygoing! We had an hour changeover and with my setups on a rollingriser I was done in about 15 minutes.
My buddies Rui and Nuno were around as well, working for Kick and Saxon. Downside of today was that we had to leave right after the show for a nightflight to Moskow.
The show was a blast!

30-06 Parklive
Arriving at the fest was weird, there were no bands and no local crew really. So I started carrying the gear in and decided to star setting up. I had some nice talks with the NOFX crew. They played before us, so I had to be done with my work before they started!
I really like NOFX, and they played a killer set!
Our set was good too, everthough I had an issue with a pickup that came loose of a guitar. Fixed that and rocked on.
Aftershow i went to a tattoo shop with Mink, our stagemanager. I had a little tattoo done. after that we went to meet up with the rest in the city. Red Square and all still is very impressive after 4 times!

14-07 Bospop
Since I was here the day before with Racoon, I knew the local crew already.
My setup was again pretty quick, even though I had some new Sennheiser stuff to fit into the setup.
But it was all good!
ZZ Top brought a lot of gear, so the wing was full already. My 3x3m guitarworld had to be all the way in the back corner.. It sucks, but I made it work. Great show again!

25-07 Suikerrock
Early get-in, load in and setup. Only to roll everything back and head back to Sheraton.
Around 20:00 we had a short acoustic set. Crappy rental acoustic guitar, but we didn’t bring our own.
Bush and Vista Chino opened up. Great sets! WT was having a blast on stage as well!

After show I had to get the flight gear ready for Finland!

26-07 Q Stock
Straight from a flight to a festival is never fun really, But I was able to setup my world in it’s final spot directly, so I started unpacking and setting up. The changeovers of the other bands made it possible for me to dial in the sounds on the rental amps and things went very smooth. I love setting up my gear by myself without any pressure, it’s that little zen moment for me.
Very easygoing festival with a nice local crew! After show we hung out for a little before heading back to the hotel. since it didn’t really get dark, our bodies said sleep but our minds said party. So it became none of the above for quite a bit. I ninja’d myself away from that and went to zzzzz

27-07 Circus club
Late arrival, quick setup! In the dressingroom none the less!
It kinda sucked, but it was also nice in a way. It was a fun and weird show. After show I met my friends Tommi, Heidi and Gerda and went for a drink. I ran into some colleagues at a bar, and before I knew it it was 6:00 in the morning…