Within Temptation Summer Festival Tour 2012

This summer I’ve been flying back and forth with Within Temptation to summer festivals all over Europe and the Middle East. Here’s a short recap of some of them.

Highfield, Leipzig
Again we had an early load in, but I slept in a bit. Around ten I thought it was time to get out and see what this fest was about. Bands like Placebo are on the bill, so that usually means the stage will be full with gear. and it was..
We brought in our gear around 16:00 and started to set up. In the meantime I watched a killer-set of Every Time I Die. Ready for the show we rolled everything on stage. Killer set even though we had to skip a song. The aftershow fries were quite awesome!

E-werk, Saarbrucken
This was one of the club shows on our summer run. Except for that fact that it was so hot everywhere, the venue was pretty cool and spacious! I had a blast working there. Sound and video took some more time to set up but in the end the result was great again!
We managed to play around with the Axe FX II for a bit. Made some live recordings with it to see if this machine will replace the old amps one day! I think it will!

Summerbreeze, Dinkelsbuhl
Arriving early in the morning is always pretty awesome, mainly because you got the best spot with the bus and the toilets are still clean! We started out with breakfast before unloading the FOH and LED-wall. The Dutch stagemanager was pretty at ease seeing us do what we did many times before. The rest of the load-in was bound to happen at 16:00, so we had quite some hours to kill! soon I found out that that I would run into a lot of people I know.
It was good to see them all! In the end Summerbreeze is always a great festival to play at! It is super nice to have the artist-village far from the stages, so we could eat, sleep and relax in peace!

La Foire aux d’Alsace, Colmar
It started out as an early day since I didn’t really could sleep in our awesome Coach Service nightliner. I walked around a bit on the festival site around 7:00h. The WT crew would have breakfast at 9:00 so I had two hours to kill.
Breakfast was served and I started with some delicious french croissants.
Around 9 the rest of the crew dragged themselves to catering and one of the first things we herd was that Nightwish, headliner of the show, was delayed and we would do our load in an hour later than planned.
This gave me some time to give some points to our fill-in-SL-guitar-tech Sid.
Although the setups are quite easy, there are some thing you need to know. Too bad for Sid WT’s old guitarist joined to fill in for Stefan. So we had a fill-in tech and a fill-in guitarist. That’s gonna be interesting!
By the time of our load in I saw a famous Red bus pulling in. It were the Epicans who were playing before WT on the bill.
Since I’ve been working with Epica like forever it was kinda weird to see them set up and perform without me involved in the show. But both crew and band did great!
The changeover went smooth and the show was great fun! I bet the crowd had a blast!
Soon after our truck was packed we had some drinks together with the Epicans. I wished them a blast on their run through their festivals! We headed back home!

Deichbrand, Cuxhaven
The morning vibe at Deichbrand was cool. This looked like a proper festival and the catering was a blast!
The stage was proper and spacious which is great for us! We had a great bunch of stagehands and within our crew and with them it was a nice and fun day!
We had 90 minutes change over but with the band before us quitting 15 minutes into their set we had hours to setup on stage! Things went smooth, The show killed and there were even some bands behind us and our busscall was late! So you can imagine that we had a nice last evening of this short weekend run.
We found a Jagerbar in the backstage area and from there everything turned into more fun! It was a real cool night!

Jarocin, Jarocin
We had a showerroom in a hotel where I met some Dutchies. By the time we got back to the site Biohazard was pulling. The first thing I noticed was this girl with a MCB hoodie. Turned out another Dutchie was there.
Silvie the videobabe was running around there for Bio to shoot their liveshows.
We set up the rental gear and we tested our sets. Huge frequency problems were hanging in the air, so I gave Bio’s tech the heads up. Which he was thankful for since he was stressed out his mind to make the show happen due to their late arrival.
Biohazard Killed! It was a blast!
We had a blast as well and we left a few hours after. Unfortunately the Bio’s were gone by then!

Zwarte cross, Lichtenvoorde
Happy with the fact that this is my first WT gig with two guitar techs, I’ve been doing the last bunch of fests all by myself which was hard work ALL the time. There were no breaks for me cause there was no room for error.
So I brought in my dear colleague Arjan to take care of StageLeft and to give a hand where necessary. When our setup was pretty much done we walked a bit on the festival site and met up with some sound and light engineers we worked with before. Great fun to see familiar faces on all the festivals!
Right before the show Sharon, the singer, decided to drive a bike on stage. “priest”-style but with a dirt-bike! Pretty cool! It was a fun show! The ride to Poland that followed was a nice one as well!

Masters Of Rock, Vizovice
Arriving a little before midnight in Prague we had to get ready for a 4 hour drive to Zlin, yes, the famous village in Czech where I already spent hours and hours. Anyways I was happy that we stopped halfway and I found a Mcdonalds that would still serve me! Around 4:15 we arrived at the hotel and we could lay down our heads for a few hours. A few I say, because our load in was planned at 8:00. Most of the gear was on stage already when we arrived thanks to Harry our awesome driver! So I started setting up my world.
First case I opened I cut my finger pretty nasty so I was out for 30 minutes getting this problem solved! Soon after I found out the Kamelot crew was there already so we made a plan together to make our days as smooth as possible! And it worked! A last minute acoustic song was added, so all of a sudden I had to restring some acoustic rentals.
We had some rest in the afternoon at the hotel, but after my shower I needed to go out for some new bandaging. When I can back the hotel was filled with Lingerie models, also the band just arrived form Prague so you can imagine we didn’t get any sleep.
I finally bought this great mask which I saw last time I was in Zlin!