Epica: “Requiem for the Indifferent” World Tour 2012

08-03-2012 Prep
Today I cleaned all the guitar gear. We labelled all cases and we made a “to buy” list.
Hopefully it will all be ready before the big shows.
At night we loaded in all the gear at a hall in Reuver where the rehearsal will take place.

09-03-2012 Soundcheck & Rehearsal
Erwin, Sandy & Bert setup all the lights and risers in the hall. It looks great!
Time for me and Ralph to bring in the backline. I was still working on the new pedalboards and stuff, so the boys had to rehearse with the old stuff.
While all the new songs came by a hundred times I worked on the gear and the guitars.

10-03-2012 Escape, Veenendaal
Veenendaal is close to my home. So me and Ralph went for a nice breakfast first. When we arrived at the venue all the gear was onstage already. So we only had to put it in the right positions and patch it.
The show went pretty smooth. But I believe this venue is too small even for an Epica try-out.

15-03-2012 Zeche, Bochum
Coen received his new keyboard stand! It looks great! Setup and all always goes smooth here. Probably because breakfast is always superb at Zeche! It all went pretty easy. Except the ride to Tilburg, damn I was deadtired! These long days start to kick in…

16-03-2012 013, Tilburg
Waking up by the sound of two Polisch guys drilling a hole in our hotelroom-door wasn;t the most pleasant wake-up call! We got in the hotel at 2:00 and at 7:30 they starter replacing the locks in doors.
We had a check out at 12:00 and get in at 13:00 so you can imagine this sucked!
Load in at 013 went fast and smooth. Setup too and even soundcheck was a piece of cake. While everybody was on edge because this is “THE” CD-release show I treated it like a normal show. That’s what kept me sane I think. We brought in a truck full of lights and a van full of pyro so next to the backline the stage was pretty full! But I’m proud of the end result! It was a great show!

29-03-2012 Substage, Kahrlsruhe
Joining Natalia and Dirk in the afternoon for prepping and some beers was a good start of the day.
Arriving as one of the first it gave me the chance to pick my favorite bunk before anyone else did.
During this short run people complained about their bunk temperature, it’s too cold or too hot.. Mine was just perfect. We arrived at the new substage. Way better than the old one. And the setup and show went very smooth. It was a fun night!

30-03-2012 Juz, Andernach
This will be the 2nd time I will be doing a show indoors here at Juz, It sucks! The venue is too small! The hallway next to the stage is an emergency exit and the door is open ALL the time. So I had to setup my Guitarworld in one of the shower rooms. Too bad for the support this time. Setuyp was messy, but the show went ok-ish. It was a weird day in a weird venue.

31-03-2012 Markthalle, Hamburg
This was the best show of the three! Stagehands were great! Dinner was great! venue is great! It was a lot of fun working here again! After this show we said goodbye to Simone, Isaac and Dirk whom stayed behind.
So the bus was less crowded and we had a nice ride home!

Epica at 013Crew Room